Adidas Solar Boost

We all know that Boost has been Adidas' top choice when it comes to cushion. Having a good amount of energy return could really help you in the long run and that is where Boost excels. However, most models that contains Boost is priced a bit so most people don't get to enjoy it. I myself haven't really bought a pair of Adidas kicks with Boost cushion in it since basketball sneakers with Boost technology is pricey here so I need to be a bit smarter in the shoes that I am buying and performance testing them since I have to hustle first just to get the funds for it. However, I have tried them in stores so from initial wearing I know that they do provide excellent comfort in the cushioning department. But now, Adidas is trying to extend their helping hand by releasing some models that carry Boost tech and not burning a big hole in your pocket. The Adidas Solar Boost has a combination of EVA and Boost cushion placed in the heel. The shoes' upper though it is not Primeknit is still soft and you could still be comfortable throughout the day. These are priced $100 in the States have both male and female sizes so I hope they won't get too pricey should they reach here in the Philippines.

Image credit: Adidas


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