More Adidas X Avengers Collaborations

No doubt, Avengers: Age of Ultron is one of the most sought movie this year. Imagine a collective group of superheroes taking up a big nasty villain that has been corrupted due to their own ideologies (setting up a nice story arc for future movies... oops, spoilers). With the success of the movie, comes a wide array of collaborations. Adidas had a good product placement in the movie equipping one of the characters with the adizero Prime Boost. Of course, the collabo doesn't stop there. Check out this other merch made by Adidas. The Adidas Response Boost takes on 3 of the Avengers characters namely the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America. For some tech specs, the shoe's upper is made of techfit giving you a good comfortable fit with some synthetic overlays for support. The techfit upper has some cool design to represent the characters. Boost cushion is provided to give you excellent impact support and energy return during those good-quality running sessions. The shoe's insole has some graphic design of the characters for some added touch. They also have t-shirts in there and while there is a Thor shirt, there is no shoe version of it. Not a complete bummer personally as there are 3 other choices to choose from. These are now available at Adidas Trinoma.


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