Peak TP9-II colorways

If you read my post last Sunday, we have some sort of a gist on what's next Tony Parker's shoe has to offer in terms of performance and aesthetics. This time, we are going to see the colorways that will be available. There will be 3 colors that will be available: white, silver, and black which are the colors of his team jersey. Being one of the anchors of the Spurs, Peak made sure to give homage to the team that helped Parker hone his skills as a basketball player. Like the Spurs team, there are no flash or too many gimmicks seen in the colorway just a bit of personal touches and the rest are all incorporated to help in the performance standpoint. They just let their game do the talking. Personally, I like the black colorway since you can never go wrong with a black basketball sneaker and you don't have to worry about the scuffs it will get from those long grind of basketball games and just focus on your game.

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